Gritting and Snow Clearance

Don’t be caught unprepared this winter.

We can offer you a comprehensive snow clearing and gritting service. Sign up with us today to take a pro-active approach to your snow clearing needs – don’t wait until the snow is on the ground and you’re left trying to sort it out last minute!

Employers have a duty of care, and must ensure all staff, customers, visitors or members of the public, are kept safe from harm – this includes the slip hazards on treacherous ice and snow.

We’ve carried out clearance on sites such as industrial parks/trading estates, office business parks, car parks, private schools, university campuses & private properties and roads.


VIP clients

Our VIP clients receive preferential treatment when it comes to their snow clearing needs. We provide them with proactive or reactive snow clearing and gritting services, and they automatically jump to the top of our priority list in times of need. They also have access to a 24 hour emergency telephone number, so we can be there for you, whenever you need us.

The Good News

The good news, is that is currently FREE to join our VIP list. There is no sign up payment, no monthly fees, no hidden costs. Just pay when you need us. Of course we can’t guarantee it will be free to join our list in the future, as we can only help so many people. So don’t miss out, sign up now and rest assured your covered what ever the weather throws at you.

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