The Directors of Ulyett Landscapes Ltd recognise that the continued success of the company depends upon its ability to satisfy all customer demands in a cost-effective manner. It is the absolute policy of the company to:-

  • Exceed customer expectation by the provision of an exemplary level of service
  • Achieve continuous measurable improvement across all divisions and core activities
  • Develop and increase core market penetration and seek new marketing opportunities

To demonstrate top management commitment to meeting the requirements ISO 9001: 2008 in conjunction with BS4428 : 1989 & BS7370-1 : 1991. The director has:-

  • Nominated European Quality Assurance of Newark as the company quality auditors. (EQA ISO 9001-2008 certificate U7859 22 Reissued 20th June 2014)
  • Continually review policy and objectives at regular intervals. Progress shall be determined by measurement against      agreed performance indicators. Specifically, customer responses and targeted efficiency measurements.
  • Appointed a management representative to control the quality and business management systems.
  • Engender mutually beneficial relationships with both our customer and supplier base.
  • Communicate this policy throughout the organisation to all staff at whatever level ensuring that everyone understands the importance of the system.
  • Specify, record and develop core competencies.
  • Meet all statutory, health and safety and other regulatory requirements.

Click to download our quality policy. Ulyett Quality Policy

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